January 10, 2007

Your 2006-7 Duke Football Wrap-Up

With Florida's stunning victory over Ohio State - and Boise State's consequent rape by the BCS - the 2006-7 college football season is, sadly, over. For Duke University's boys, though, it sort of never began ...
09/02 - Richmond 13, Duke 0 - You read that right. The Blue Devils football team was shut out, at home, by a Division I-AA program - and not even a good Division I-AA program. Arguably the most fitting start to a Duke season imaginable.

09/09 - Wake Forest 14, Duke 13 - OK, Wake won the ACC title this season, but the old sports cliche holds true here: Good teams know how to win games. The opposite is also true. The bad Duke team found a way to lose; having a field goal attempt blocked as time expired.

09/16 - Virginia Tech 36, Duke 0 - Ouch. In a Virginia Tech rebuilding year, they absolutely burn down the Devils, who, to be fair, hadn't been shut out by a Division I-A, ACC opponent until this game ...

09/30 - Virginia 37, Duke 0 - Four more quarters of scoreless football for Duke. Maybe it's just teams from Virginia that give them problems? Nah ... But again, to be fair, this was their first home shut-out against a Division I-A, ACC opponent ...

10/7 - Alabama 30, Duke 14 - Some people say this is the reason Nick Saban got all that dough: Giving up two scores to Duke at home made too many Tide fans stomachs roll.

10/14 Florida State 51, Duke 24 - 51 points to an FSU team that averaged less than half that for the season? On the bright side, they didn't get shut out again ... I'm telling you; that Virginia weather or something ...

10/21 - Miami 20, Duke 15 - Talk about a barn-burner. The week after Miami's big brawl - which cost them several starters for this game - they go and punch Duke in the face. No class, those Hurricanes, none at all.

10/28 - Vanderbilt 45, Duke 28 - Did Jay Cutler come back to QB this one? Oh, he didn't? Duke's defense is just that rough? I see ... Sorry for the mix-up.

11/04 - Navy 38, Duke 13 - Imagine how many push-ups those poor midshipmen had to do when 38 points got scored? What's the deal, Blue Devils? Trying to tire our boys out before they head over-seas? You un-patriotic sons of bitches! That's supporting terrorism, that is.

11/11 - Boston College 28, Duke 7 - Not much to say here ... Duke stunk, again. Thank BC's coach for being such a kind soul and playing his second and third-team guys for most of the second half and keeping the score somewhat respectable.

11/18 Georgia Tech 49, Duke 21 - GT has the best wide receiver in the nation this season, Calvin Johnson. So it makes sense that GT ran for over 200 yards against the Blue Devils. Wait ... No it doesn't. Georgia Tech's back-up QB is the guy to blame for that lop-sided score. He threw for two touchdowns late in the game. That big jerk.

11/25 - North Carolina 45, Duke 44 - I blamed Duke for Nick Saban coming in to Alabama. You can BET this is why Butch Davis got those dollars from the Tar Heels athletic department. The funny thing is, Duke would've won this game if not for a botched extra point. I thank the Big Guy upstairs for that one ...

So there it is. An 0-8 conference record; 0-12 overall record for the pride of Durham. Coach Ted Roof had this to say about his season.

""Certainly we don't have the record that we wanted to have and that part is disappointing. I feel bad for our seniors. I've really been proud of their leadership and their commitment and their consistency. They've been unswerving and they've kept the young guys positive and the team on track."

On track? To 12 losses? The good news is Duke will get their real starting quarterback, Zack Asack, back next season - he was suspended all year for plagiarism. (Coach Roof, ask Coach K to borrow Greg Paulus next season. He was a highly-recruited quarterback out of Syracuse - before selling his soul to play in front of the Cameron Crazies, set all sorts of ACC records and then fade in to NBA obscurity like Jason Williams, Bobby Hurley, Grant Hill, Cherokee Parks, JJ Redick, Shavlik Randolph, etc, etc, etc.) He should make a big difference. Hopefully they don't schedule any I-AA teams next year ... That 20 game losing streak needs to stop ASAP!

January 7, 2007

VT Upsets Devils in OT

Paulus doesn't look THAT uncomfortable with this ... 69-67 Hokies, in Durham.