February 12, 2007


For the first time - the FIRST TIME EVER - in the history of the NCAA Coaches Poll, the Dook Blue Devils aren't sitting on it. (Not to say they don't sit lots of polls, but you get it ...) It also marks the first time in 200 weeks they're not on the AP's poll. (They still remain firmly atop Dick Vitale's poll, however.)
Not to say I told you so, but I told you so.
This Dook team is simply not talented at this point. Greg Paulus is not the guy to be running Coach K's offense, Dave McClure shouldn't even be on the floor, Gerald Henderson is two years away from being nasty, DeMarcus Nelson is way too much of a hot/cold player to be counted on, the guy taking the big shots - Jon Scheyer - is a true freshman who looks like a true freshman taking big shots for the biggest program in the country and the bench is just a bunch of meat with high SAT scores.
Josh McRoberts scares me, but honestly, I think the guy might bolt to the NBA this off-season. After Greg Oden and Kevin Durant, who is a sure thing in this draft? And even if he does, he's easily handled at this point; get him in foul trouble, keep the ball away from him down low and force Dook to run a faster offense so he can't get down the court in time ... Maryland did it, for the most part, and blew them out of the water.
Copy and paste this if you want; because it's going to be the truth.
2/14 @ Boston College : Loss
2/18 Georgia Tech : Win
2/22 @ Clemson: Loss
2/25 @ St. Johns : Win
2/28 Maryland: Win
3/04 @ UNC: Loss
With the rest of the ACC schedules panning out, you're talking about a 7-9 conference record; which is going to get them anywhere from 7th to 10th in the ACC Tournament, meaning an early game against UNC, Virginia, Virginia Tech or Boston College at a nuetral site.
Now that we've gotten to the men, we have to work on those Blue Devil women ...

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